6. Summer School for Capacity Building of the Youth Involved in HIV/AIDS, Drug Use and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Activities


Petrosyan N., Karapetyan Z., Avetisyan A.
AIDS Prevention, Education and Care NGO (Armenia)

Aimed at the enlargement of cooperation scope for the young people involved in HIV/AIDS prevention activities and summarizing the works carried out by peer educators among the youth of the Republic of Armenia summer school were organized during 2004-2005. The fact has been taken into account that summer school participants will acquire skills and through knowledge to spread among their peers. In 2008 from June 25-27 three day conference has been held among young peer educators aimed at summarizing the works carried out by peer educators, prioritization of their role in HIV/AIDS prevention activities and sharing experience. The conference resulted in sharing experience, creating and enforcing friendly and personal relations.

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05 November, 2010

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