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AIDS Prevention, Education and Care NGO (APEC NGO) from the very beginning of its foundation carries out projects aimed at the prevention of HIV and AIDS, STIs and drug addiction, formation of healthy lifestyle among the general population especially focusing on the youth.
Choosing that strategy AIDS Prevention, Education and Care NGO has carried out and keeps on carrying out projects which are aimed at providing psychosocial support to HIV positive people and injecting drug users, protection of their rights, care, raising awareness on HIV and AIDS of vulnerable groups and general population, reduction of HIV prevalence trends.

The formation of tolerant and supportive attitude towards HIV positive people and injecting drug users is one of the most important goals of the organization. The activities undertaken in that direction include peer education among the youth and vulnerable groups, voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), providing information, enhancement of the level of knowledge of police officers, teachers and other members of the community on HIV and addiction.

In order to perform the above-mentioned functions the organization members participated in training of trainers on peer education. National trainers to implement peer education activities among youth and vulnerable groups (IDUs, FSW, MSM) have been trained.

The members of the organization are professionals in different spheres: doctors (narcologists, epidemiologists), psychologists, teachers, lawyers. They have attended a great number of local and international seminars, conferences and workshops on HIV and AIDS related issues.

Today, in the atmosphere of mutual trust with the beneficiaries the projects are included in the portfolio of activities of APEC NGO which allowed to break the ice in terms of availability of information on HIV and AIDS, to abolish the barriers of stigma and discrimination and establishment of relations with vulnerable groups which is one of the most important steps in harm reduction.