Additional information

verjnakan.jpgIt is not secret that information is one of the guarantees of protecting one's rights and health. Today this truth gained greater importance: imperatives of the modern civilization dictate to find new means to struggle against the vices of the epoch.
In this section you can find a number of laws related to drug addiction, HIV and AIDS, health protection.

Useful Links section will help you find information about the activities of the organizations involved in the struggle against drug addiction and HIV and AIDS. Publications in Armenian are included in the list of thematic literature. These publications are targeted at making the activities in the field for efficient.

The list of Thematic Films includes the major part of films which from the very day of HIV and AIDS discovery were presented to the public. These films tell about the irrevocable results of the incurable disease and the fates and emotional experiences of the people who faced the disease. Though, as the experience of people fallen into the clutches of drugs and HIV and AIDS, the reality is much more horrifying when it moves from the screens to the lives of the individuals.

The Additional Information section is assumed to serve those who prefer to know, be protected and protect and which is the most important - to help to take tolerant attitude towards people who had personal experience drugs and faced HIV and AIDS personally through reliable information.